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With hundreds of five star reviews, we’re sure you’ll love the transformation we can do to your oven.

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Why Choose Us?

Oven Fresh oven cleaning service only use safe odour free solutions and hard work when cleaning your oven. We never use any harmful or damaging chemicals.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Here at Oven Fresh we believe in trying our absolute best to clean and transform our customers ovens. Resulting in many happy and repeating clients.

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Client Reviews

Cannot fault the amazing service. Performed a miracle with my oven. Highly recommended xxx
oven fresh review bridgnorth
Verified Client
Totally impressed with the service. Totally professional. Very high standard service. Would definitely recommend to family & friends. The oven looks like it did when it was new. Very impressed. Lovely professional staff. Xx
oven fresh review
Verified Client
reat service, very professional, did exactly what they said they would do and left no mess at all. Will use again in the future.
oven fresh review wolverhampton
Verified Client
oven cleaning service wolverhampton

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Oven Fresh oven cleaning service

Welcome to Oven Fresh Oven Cleaning service, your local oven cleaning company. We have been cleaning ovens for many years now, and understand exactly how to use the best cleaning methods to bring your oven back to new. Oven cleaning services have now become a popular choice for households, especially when cleaning the oven is one of the most hated household chores.

Your local oven cleaning service specialist.

When searching for an oven cleaning service you want to ensure that they don’t use strong harmful chemicals. Here at Oven Fresh, we only use environmentally friendly solutions which aren’t harmful to the atmosphere, your health or your oven. The oven cleaning process is a simple one when like us you have been specially trained in all aspects of oven valeting. From dismantling the oven glass and doors to ensure it is left spotless. To cleaning hoods and in some circumstances if needed, change the filters in the extractor hood. Oven Fresh have full experience in not only cleaning ovens but also offering an Aga cleaning service. You can rest assured that we have already cleaned hundreds of ovens, ranges and Aga’s. Always leaving the customers surprised just how clean their appliance now looks. Another benefit to having your oven cleaned by a professional like us, is that it dramatically helps in the efficiency of your oven as it removes any unwanted grease around the fans etc ensuring the oven is able to heat up effectively without using as much energy. With our oven cleaning service we believe that having your oven cleaned should be an affordable option available to everyone. This is why our oven cleaning service Wolverhampton is more affordable than people think. With prices starting at just £30.00 why bother struggling to clean your own oven. Pay a professional such as us to bring your oven back to looking like new. So remember, if you’re after an oven cleaning company, then give us a call today.  

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